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Soulful Surrender Serums

Revive & Refresh, Facial Toner

Revive & Refresh, Facial Toner

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Witch hazel is rich in antioxidant properties , helping protect against blemish or injuries. Tea tree is naturally antibacterial, treating acne, itchy, and oily skin, while also promoting healing effects. Chamomile accelerates cell and tissue renewal, reduces the appearance of fine lines, giving skin a youthful glow

*All ingredients used to make this product are all natural and organic; stored in a glass bottle and free of plastics.*

Suggested Use: 

Gently shake, and then lightly apply a few sprits onto a clean face and neck. Best results used after a cleanser and followed by a hydrating serum. Apply throughout day as needed. Store in a cool dark place.


Organic grapefruit infused water, organic witch hazel, organic tea tree essential oil, organic chamomile oil, organic lemon essential oil.

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