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Soulful Surrender Serums

Lavender Shower Steamers (4 pk)

Lavender Shower Steamers (4 pk)

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These shower steamers are a great way to unwind and enjoy a refreshing shower. Allowing your mind and body to decompress by bringing your attention to the natural sounds and scents around you.  

Lavender if used to help soothe the mind and body, encouraging a higher existence of relaxation. If you are feeling stressed, unhinged, and in need of grounding - these shower steamers are for you. Formulated with pieces of dried lavender for an added boost. Each order comes with 4 shower steamers individually wrapped to maintain freshness and durability. 

Suggested Use: 

Turn the water on in your shower to the preferred temperature. When you get in, place a shower steamer on the floor of the shower and begin to watch it fizzle away. 

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